Plumbing Technician Program

  • Plumbing

    Adult Education CTE | Construction Trades | Plumbing Technician courses in Long Island

    Required Courses: Plumbing I • Plumbing II • Hydronics • Gas Burner • OSHA-30

  • Plumbing I


    Begin a career in the Plumbing Industry. Plumbing I will introduce you to basic skills necessary to get started in this area of construction. Learn how to handle the tools of the trade and practice the best safety procedures. Gain technical skills in pipefitting while learning to repair and replace materials and fixtures in residential structures. Study the scientific principles of drainage traps and their uses. Acquire knowledge of various piping layouts in water supply including drainage, waste and ventilation systems. Continue in this program to advance your career in Plumbing.

    Tuition: $1,395


  • Plumbing II


    Build your knowledge of plumbing with further study. Learn how to install, troubleshoot, and repair water heaters and drainage systems. Become familiar with current New York State standards and codes pertaining to plumbing. Continue in this program to become a competent plumbing professional. Learn professional skills such as realistic expectations and customer service, making you well rounded to work in any plumbing company. Meet with our Employment Center counselors for job postings and application procedures.

    Prerequisite: Plumbing I



  • Hydronics


    Hydronics is the use of circulating water in a system to heat or cool a building. Learn about the efficiency of hydronic system operations and explore the various types of piping layouts and circuiting arrangements. Study technical components such as expansion tanks, pipe dimensions, and pumps to comprehend this very important aspect of plumbing construction.



  • Gas Burner


    Continue your knowledge of heating systems with this in-depth study of Gas Burner. Study the physical properties of natural gas and how it is used in heating residential and commercial buildings. Learn the components of this type of system and the details of its operation. Become familiar with installations, diagnosing problems, and methods of repair work.



  • OSHA-30


    The OSHA-30 course provides entry-level construction workers with general awareness of recognition and prevention of hazards on a construction site. OSHA recommends that you enroll in this safety certification program as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA29 CFR 1929. Workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on the specific hazards of each job. Upon successful completion, you will receive a 30-hour Construction Safety Certification Completion Card.




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