Veterinary Assistant Program

  • Veterinary Assistant Students

    Adult Ed CTE | Animal Services | Veterinary Assistant courses in Long Island

    Required Courses: Veterinary Assistant I • Veterinary Assistant II

  • Veterinary Assistant I


    Become versed in the medical area of pet care. Study canine and feline anatomy and physiology. Learn veterinary terminology and examination room procedures. Gain professional skills such as teamwork and communication which are necessary in working in veterinary practices or animal hospitals.

  • Veterinary Assistant II


    Continue this program with further knowledge of veterinary medicine. Study infectious diseases; symptoms and diagnosis; vaccines and medicines pertaining to pets. Learn about surgical procedures, radiology, and emergency room urgent care. As you prepare to become a Veterinary Assistant, you will engage in enriching experiences for realistic expectations. Meet with our Employment Center counselors to view job postings in Long Island veterinary practices and animal hospitals.

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