Animal Care

  • Student clips the nails of an adorable puppy.

  • This course is certified by
    New York State

    Students in this course are exposed to a wide range of animal-related careers. These careers include grooming, veterinary science, animal behavior and training, and laboratory/pet shop animal care. Students are given the opportunity to experience hands-on learning and training in the classroom, as well as in various work-based learning facilities.

    Students Will Be Taught:
    • Grooming
    • Parasitology
    • Animal behavior
    • Animal husbandry
    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Animal diseases 
    • Veterinary assistant skills
    • CPR/first aid
    • Animal agricultural industry
  • Career Opportunities

    The pet industry is expanding, and the emphasis is on preventive health measures such as proper vaccination, nutrition, and grooming, which creates the need for animal support personnel, as well as highly-trained individuals in biomedical research. This course will prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of settings. Graduates who decide to pursue further education and earn a 2- or 4-year college degree can prepare for the New York State Licensed Veterinary Technician exam. These individuals may also decide to pursue studies in veterinary science, agricultural studies, biology or business management. Typical job titles in the field of animal care include Veterinary Assistant, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Pet Bather/Fluffer/Groomer, Dog Trainer, Pet Shop Manager, Animal Technologist, Veterinarian and Agricultural Manager. 

    College Agreements

    Upon completion of this course, students may receive college credits subject to the entrance requirements of each institution and any additional criteria that may have been established. Current college agreements include:

    • SUNY Cobleskill
    • SUNY Delhi
  • Animal Care

    Work Experience Opportunities
    Students who meet all eligibility requirements may participate in supervised, real-world, work-based learning offerings that include clinics, shadow days, internships, or paid Co-Op experiences at workplace sites such as:
    • BrightHeart Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center
    • Tackapausha Nature Preserve
    • Petco
    • Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

  • Course available: Grades 11–12
    Course length: 2 years
    Placement: Regular
    Credits: Up to 4 CTE credits a year
    Admissions criteria: Strong science, math, and reading skills
    Earning high school credits: Students completing this 2-year course may receive up to 8 CTE credits OR distributed credits using any or all of the following: 

    0.5 credit    Career and Financial Management
    1.0 credit    Math–Specialized
    1.0 credit    English
    1.0 credit    Science

    This course is certified by New York State
    This course supports
    New York State CDOS Credential requirements.

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