Animal Care Skills

  • Student grooms a very happy dog.

    Barry Tech | Natural and AgriculturalAnimal Care Skills in Long Island

  • About This Course

    Students in this course will explore careers in the pet and companion animal industries through a curriculum designed to teach entry-level skills that may lead to more complex career choices. Students will work with live animals using professional equipment in a classroom that serves as a functioning animal care facility. Students will progress from basic to complex skills associated with entry-level employment.
  • Students Will Develop Skills in:

    • Animal husbandry and handling
    • Animal health care and monitoring
    • Care and management of exotic animals
    • Pet shop operations
    • Professional grooming

  • Course available: Grades 10, 11 or 12
    Course length: 2 years/CDOS Eligible
    Placement: Skills 
    Location: Barry Tech

  • Career Opportunities

    The expanding pet and companion animal industry continues to offer a variety of career opportunities, including support personnel in pet shops, veterinary offices, kennels, laboratories, and grooming salons. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared for entry-level employment. Typical job titles in the animal care field include animal caretaker, kennel assistant, and pet bather/fluffer.

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