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  • About This Course

    In the first year of Computer Game Design and Programming, students are immersed into the ever-growing industry of video game development as they learn to design and program their very own high-level, fully functioning video games! Using professional industrygrade software along with state-of-theart equipment, students will apply and strengthen their math, science, logic skills and more to create a multitude of finished video game projects, covering a wide array of popular genres.

    In the second year of Computer Game Design and Programming, returning students will see their creative and technical skills skyrocket as they learn how to program more advanced video games with a bevy of new features and techniques to add to their repertoire.

  • Students Will Learn

    • Project Management
    • Teamwork
    • Computer Programming
    • 2D Computer Art
    • 3D Computer Art
    • Computer Animation
    • User Interface Design
    • Strategic and Tactical Design
    • Music and Sound Engineering
    • Level Design
    • Logical and Algebraic Thinking
    • Character Development
    • Story Development and Planning
    • Concept Mapping
    • Simulated Physics Programming
    • Communication
    • Rapid Design and Prototyping
    • Market Analysis
    • Computer Software Testing
    • Debugging 

  • Course available: Grades 11–12
    Course length:  2 years
    Location: Barry Tech


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