Early Childhood Education

  • Students spend time working directly with young children.

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  • About This Course

    In this course, students will learn the basics and methodology of Early Childhood Education and Child Development from birth to eight years old. Over the two years, students will explore career pathways in teaching. They will interact with educational professionals and work with young children in an elementary school, preschool, and/or daycare.

    Year one students learn the fundamentals of how a child develops. Students focus on the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical domains to gain understanding of developmentally appropriate practice. Based on this foundation, students create early childhood lesson plans, classroom rules, routines, and present read alouds. Students practice their skills with the many trips we take to preschools and daycare centers.

    Year two students build a professional portfolio with resources they can utilize in the workforce and/or higher education. Students further their knowledge to include guiding children’s behavior, safety considerations, collaborating with families and educators, observation, professionalism, working with special needs children, and effective program management. They apply what they have learned to real-life situations by participating in off-campus internships.  

  • Course available: Grades 11–12
    Course length: 2 years/CDOS Eligible
    Placement: Regular
    LocationBarry Tech


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