Fashion Design Technology

  • Student works on the side of a dress.

  • This course is certified by
    New York State
    Fashion is an exciting area of study with many career opportunities. The Fashion Design Technology and Merchandising course will give students an overview of the fashion industry during a 900-hour program with the emphasis on the creative end of fashion design.
    The first year will introduce students to the workings and vocabulary of the fashion industry. Students will learn about the various styles and design details of garments and how to draw them to create a fashion design sketch. Students will also learn the techniques for garment construction using industrial sewing machines and production techniques used in the fashion industry and studies in textiles. The first year will also develop the knowledge and skills for related careers in the Fashion Industry, including the foundation for fashion merchandising, marketing, and buying. Students acquire this knowledge through real-world experience and collaborative projects.

    The second year will expand students’ knowledge of the fashion industry and the influences on the development of styles. Students will study the history of fashion, pattern-making, draping, advanced garment construction techniques and development of a designer portfolio. The second year program offers exciting opportunities for students to enhance their skills through fashion industry internships. The classroom offers hands-on experience through fashion experts, guest lectures and high profile events. These type of experiences are offered for fashion design and business.

    In this course, students will develop a solid foundation in the practical skills they need to become designers, using state-of-the-art equipment, such as dress forms and industrial sewing machines. Throughout the course they will compile a professional portfolio to showcase their work, as well as create garments that will be highlighted on the runway in an end-of-the-year fashion show.

  • Young Designers Have the Opportunity to:
    • Create their own original designs (such as prom dresses, children's clothing and sportswear)
    • Model and exhibit completed garment
    • Attend guest lectures delivered by experienced professionals
    Students Will Acquire Essential Fashion Skills, Including:
    • Sketching and illustration for fashion design
    • Garment construction
    • Pattern making for shirts, dresses and skirts
    • Draping
    • Development of slopers for patterns and original designs

    Career Opportunities

    Graduates may work in retail organizations and wholesale showrooms. Many students choose to continue their studies at 2- and 4-year colleges, pursuing degrees in fashion design, merchandising, retail management, and advertising, among others. Typical job titles in the field of fashion design include samplemaker, seamstress, showroom assistant, model merchandiser, buyer and fashion designer.

  • Two female Fashion Designed students walking the Fashion Design-Runway

    College Agreements
    Upon completion of this course, students may receive college credits subject to the entrance requirements of each institution and any additional criteria that may have been established. Current college agreements include:

    • Herkimer County Community College, NY

    Work Experience Opportunities
    Students who meet all eligibility requirements may participate in supervised, real-world, work-based learning offerings that include clinics, shadow days, internships, or paid Co-Op experiences at workplace sites such as:

    • Alta Moda
    • Madonna Cole Originals
    • Runway Couture

  • Course Available: Grades 11–12
    Course Length: 2 years
    Placement: Regular
    Credits: Up to 4 CTE credits a year
    Admissions Criteria: Reading and math skills on grade level. Good hand/eye coordination and spatial knowledge.

    Earning High School Credits: Students completing this 2-year course may receive up to 8 CTE credits OR distributed credits using any or both of the following:
    0.5 credit   Career and Financial Management
    1.0 credit   English
    This course is certified by New York State


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