Network Cabling Technician/ Home Technology Integration (HTI)

  • Student works on wiring a home network.

    Barry Tech | Engineering Technologies |Network Cabling Technician/Home Technology Integration (HTI) in Long Island

  • About This Course

    In this introduction to computer networking, students learn to network computers using the Windows Server operating system and install and maintain a basic network. Other topics covered include protocols of data communications and communication architecture. What it takes to build, analyze, diagnose, and service networks in the home or business are also covered. The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are discussed as are the related hardware and software topics. Previous knowledge of Windows is helpful, but not required.

    Students Will Learn

    • Installation, configuration, diagnosis and preventive maintenance
    • Wireless communications for data and voice
    • Copper network cabling for data, voice, home entertainment and security systems

    During 450 Hours of Study, Future HTI Specialists Will Cover Topics Such as:

    • Networking
    • Design of home and commercial networks
    • Wireless installation
    • Home security and access systems
    • Video and audio equipment
    • Home lighting control
    • “Firestopping” – products that halt the spread of fire, smoke and/or toxic gas.


  • Course Available: Grade 12
    Course Length: 1 year
    Placement: Regular
    Location: Barry Tech


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