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  • About This Course

    This comprehensive and integrative course prepares students for nationally accredited certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and professional certification from The Academy of Personal Training Education (APTE).

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about a 15% job growth for personal trainers from 2019 through 2029, which is much faster compared to all occupations.

  • Students Will Learn

    • Human Anatomy-Introduction to the Structures and Functions of the Muscular Skeletal, Nervous, Digestive, Respiratory, Endocrine, Immune, and Cardiovascular Systems
    • Mind-Body Exercise, Mindfulness, and Meditation
    • Complimentary Health Professions
    • Medical Terminology
    • Chronic Health and Medical Conditions
    • Mechanisms of Injury and Healing
    • Exercise and Sports Injuries
    • Anatomical Terminology
    • Physiology of Human Performance
    • CPR-AED and First Aid
    • Exercise and Movement Mechanics
    • Exercise Program Design
    • Concepts in Nutrition
    • Weight Management
    • Supplements and Anabolic Steroids
    • Clinical and Fitness Assessments including Vital Signs and Body Composition
    • Spinal Mechanics
    • Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion
    • The Business and Ethics of Personal Training

  • Course Available: Grades 11–12
    Course Length: 2 years/CDOS Eligible  
    Location: Barry Tech


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