Powersports and Small Engine Repair

  • Student conducts maintenance on an off-road vehicle.

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  • About this Course

    This course will train students in the basics of repairing small engines, outdoor equipment, and powersport vehicles. In the first year, students will learn the components and systems that make-up a small engine. Students will learn 4-stroke/2- stroke engine operation, maintenance procedures, diagnostics and repair. Throughout the year students will troubleshoot and rebuild various small engines and outdoor equipment. While the year progresses the students will have the opportunity to earn online certifications through the Briggs and Stratton technician training course. Briggs and Stratton require all their service technicians nationwide to complete these exams. In addition, students will become First-Aid certified by the American Heart Association. In the second year students will be introduced to powersports. They will be learning about different types of powersport vehicles which include dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, jet skis and small marine motors. They will learn about the components and systems that make up each vehicle. This program will cover preventative maintenance procedures, tire mounting, brake service and chassis/suspension geometry. While in the program, students are going to be prepped to take the ASE G1 exam, which covers auto maintenance and light repair.

  • Powersport vehicles have very similar components and technology as modern cars. Throughout both years of the program, students will learn about the technological advancements being introduced by different manufacturers. They will learn how manufacturers of both small engine and recreational vehicles are introducing “green/clean” alternative fuels to their product lines. The manufacturers are going green using recycled materials and cleaner manufacturing procedures, which will also be covered. Students will use the same technology the dealers are using to repair various types of equipment in their repair facilities.

    Students Will Practice

    • Rebuilding small engines and outdoor power equipment
    • Diagnostics of small engines and related equipment
    • Retrieving information from the service manuals
    • Calculating the cost of the repair
    • Diagnose and repair components on recreation vehicles
    • Dismounting and mounting tires
    • Measuring wheelbase and track on recreational vehicles to enhance performance

  • Course available: Grades 11–12
    Course length: 2 years
    Placement: Regular
    Location: Barry Tech


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