• Three students learn the use of a welding torch.

  •  This course is certified by New York State

    In this course, students will learn to fuse different types of metals. Welding and cutting processes will be implemented in a real-world shop setting utilizing state-of-the-art welding equipment as well as computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutting equipment. They will be able to assess and evaluate their welds through nondestructive and metallurgical destructive test methods. Identification, selection and application of welding electrodes and filler rods will also be taught.

    Students in this course are eligible to become members of the student chapter of the American Welding Society, where they will have the opportunity to meet prospective employers on a professional level.

    Upon successful completion of this program, students can earn their AWSD 1.1 Structural Steel Qualification for both vertical and overhead welding, as well as the ASME section IX 6G pipe certification. Students will be able to take nationally recognized welder qualification tests (certifications) in accordance with the American Welding Society and the American National Standards Institute.

    Careers in welding encompass many levels of ability and salary ranges, and include boilermaking, ironworking, welding and fabricating nuclear pipe vessels, as well as oil and gas line installations.

  • Welders-in-Training Will Learn:

    • Welding and cutting safety practices
    • Fabrication techniques
    • Blueprint reading
    • Weld symbol identification
    • Math-related skills applicable to pipe and structural steel assemblies

    Class Projects Include:

    • Bicycle frames, barbeques, furniture, tools, artwork, picture framing, custom automotive accessories aluminum rim repair and many hours of practice for welder qualification tests

    Students Will Study and Practice Essential Welding Processes, including:

    • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW –stick)
    • Gas metal arc welding (GMAW– MIG)
    • Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW –TIG)
    • Oxy-Acetylene applications
    • Cutting and brazing
    • Plasma cutting

    Note: Steady hand-eye coordination is a must for success in this course.

    Career Opportunities
    Many students gain entry-level employment directly upon graduation. Others pursue further studies at colleges or other post-secondary institutions. Typical job titles for welders include Iron Worker’s Apprentice, Arc Welder, Certified Welder, Flame Cutter, Gas Welder, Heliarc Welder, Welding Engineer, Welding Inspector, Welder/Mechanic, Welding Supervisor, Structural Inspector and Railing Designer/Fabricator.

  •  Welding-Girl

    College Agreements
    Upon completion of this course, students may receive college credits subject to the entrance requirements of each institution and any additional criteria that may have been established. Current college agreements include:

    • SUNY Alfred State College
    • SUNY Delhi, NY

    Work Experience Opportunities
    Students who meet all eligibility requirements may participate in supervised, real-world, work-based learning offerings that include clinics, shadow days, internships or paid Co-Op experiences at workplace sites such as:

    • Abble Awning
    • Forest Iron Works
    • Local 1 Plumbers
    • Local 137 Sheet Metal Union
    • Local 638 Steamfitters
    • Meisner Gallery
    • Nassau County Department of Public Works
    • National Grid (Keyspan)
    • NYS DOT
    • SAV Truck Center


  • Course available: Grades 11–12
    Course length: 2 years
    Placement: Regular
    Credits: Up to 4 CTE credits a year
    Admissions criteria: Strong math skills and steady hand-eye coordination
    Earning high school credits: Students completing this 2-year course may receive up to 8 CTE credits OR distributed credits using any or all of the following: 

    1.0 credit   Career and Financial Management
    1.0 credit   Math
    1.0 credit   English
    1.0 credit   Science

     This course is certified by
    New York State

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