Science/STEM Education @ Caumsett

  • The Master's Garage is the site of the Nassau BOCES Environmental Center located at Caumsett State Park. The parks 1600 acres encompass a unique combination of diverse natural habitats and is home to many of the OEE programs.

    This outdoor classroom is made up of fields, forests, pond, salt marsh and seashore. Our creative indoor teaching space includes a Span Wall, WiFi, and digital scopes to help further your students' environmental based education. 

    Naturalist points out LI features to kids in the Masters Garage Caumsett Students use the new digital microscopes




     All my expectations were met. I was especially grateful for all the accommodations that were arranged for my student who is in a wheelchair. Thank you! - 6th grade teacher

  •  Enjoy a birds-eye view of our special classroom.
    CoSer: 401.010