Marine Biology / Oceanography

  • Studies about our local marine ecosystems on Long Island can be scheduled as shoreline programs or as on-the-water voyages.
    During these trips, students will use scientific instruments to study the dissolved oxygen and salinity of the seawater. In addition, they will collect and study marine life and record data before returning the animals to the water. The data will be made available for reference by future groups. 

    The naturalists' interactions were outstanding! Great team to work with and this is why we come back every year!

    Dock in FreeportSouth Shore Boat Trips
    A variety of boats are available out of Freeport and Captree to explore Long Island's South Shore. The capacity of the boats varies between 60 and 80 passengers. These traditional charter fishing boats become "transformed" into research vessels due to the expertise of our BOCES staff and the boats' crew. Activities include a plankton tow followed by microscope identification, water sampling and a dredge to collect benthic marine animals. Pole fishing can also be arranged. Shipboard Marine Biology Trips Flier Curriculum and Standards

    2 girls canoeingCanoe Trips
    Canoe trips are offered for middle school and high school students. Nassau BOCES naturalists will guide your class through Lloyd Harbor near Caumsett State Historic Park, and are available to accompany them on trips to the Nissequogue, Carman and Peconic Rivers.

    Jones Beach quadrat studyBeach Programs
    Programs focus on the inter-tidal habitats, salt marshes and/or glacial geology and the formation of the barrier islands. Our focus on the north shore is at Caumsett State Historic Park (see Caumsett Programs for more detail), and on the south shores at Jones Beach, TOBAY Beach, and Atlantic Beach. The program includes an intertidal exploration and seining during mild weather. Transect and quadrat exploration, plankton study and the use of inclinometers are available for advanced study and/or HS school classes. Scavenger hunts and simple crafts enhance the primary grades' beach experience. Jones Beach Program Information
    Curriculum and Standards

    Oceanography equipment is displayedOceanology @Your School
    To further enhance the field trip experience we offer a hands-on, in school, oceanography lesson. This can be done pre- or post-trip and includes experiments in density, buoyancy, salinity, sediment distribution, and seafloor mapping. Oceanology Program Flier

    Sunken Forest FerrySunken Forest/Fire Island
    A short trip on the Ferry takes students to a special place shaped by strong winds and salty air. Naturalists take students on a tour of the boardwalk overlooking its unique features. A study of the ocean beach can be included. Sunken Forest/Fire Island Program Information
    Curriculum and Standards

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