Twilight Alternative High School (In-District)

Baldwin Coordinator Patrick Crea proudly standing with Miah Lissade
  • CoSer:  436.510

    Course length:  Semester

    Credits:  Varies by student

    The Twilight Alternative High School provides an alternative setting in the late afternoon for students who have not succeeded in the traditional educational setting. The program gives teenagers the necessary tools to either return successfully to their home high schools, or to complete their high school requirements, while helping them prepare for post-secondary education or employment.

    Students attend this Regents-based program in the late afternoon in their home school district. Students receive strong educational support, as classes are small and largely focused on the students.

    Programs are currently available in:


  • Kellie Cook McLaurin, Principal
    150 Abbey Lane, Suite 121
    Levittown, NY 11756