Welcome Message from the Principal

  • Dear Students,  

    At GC Tech, we prepare you for your future. We teach you the skills, knowledge and attributes to be successful in your field. We emphasize professional behaviors and career readiness practices that will serve you no matter what path you choose, and no matter how many times you change direction. Whether academically, with practical skills, or with how you are feeling mentally, this is a community designed for you to be successful.  

    Successful community members demonstrate our Core Values: 

    • Professionalism: Be on time and in uniform. Demonstrate skills and behaviors of someone who is well-adjusted and successful in their career. 
    • Perseverance: To truly grow you will face challenges. We ask that you practice getting through difficult parts without giving up. Engage in a "growth mindset" - trust that you will improve with time and effort. Identify and ask for help when you need it. You may not be able to do something yet - but that does not mean that you cannot get better at it. 
    • Respect: Respect yourself, others, and the spaces where you are working. To meet our goals as a school community, we work to create a safe, supportive, professional environment. 
    • Teamwork: Ask for help when you need it and offer help to the people around you. You will develop the skill of working with people who might not be friends, but who are your coworkers.  
    • Safety: Be aware of your environment. Wear your safety protection. Ensure that your words and actions create an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe for our community. 

    Please be sure to read your student handbook and class syllabi carefully. They provide information about supports and opportunities at GC Tech as well as the rules and regulations designed to keep everyone safe. Please also review the Incoming Students and Returning Students sections of this page. We look forward to your future success. 


    Madelaine Hackett, Principal 

Principal Madelaine Hackett