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  • For forty-five years, LIHSA has been a powerhouse for the development of Long Island’s creative and cultural sector, challenging current thinking and practice and producing graduates who will be innovators and leaders. Our alumni are working all over the world on stage, on screen, behind the scenes and leading major events and organizations.

    LIHSA students come from over 60 public school districts across Nassau and Suffolk counties. To work with other artists on a campus designed for the teaching of the arts, is an unusual and remarkable way to study. In addition to the planned programs, the nature of study at the Long Island High School for the Arts develops from the character of the individuals, the chemistry of the group and the singularity of the environment.

    When alumni speak about their LIHSA school experience, the most common words are “awesome”, “amazing”, “transformational”, “and life-changing”.

    LIHSA offers programs in Theatre, Dance, Music, Special Effects, Digital Media, Fine Arts and Film.

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