Substantial Equivalency Review (SER) Service

  • As many of you are aware, a state Supreme Court justice suspended Substantial Equivalency guidelines.    Click for more detail

    • On May 30, 2019 newly proposed regulations were sent to the New York State Education Dept (NYSED) P-12 Education Committee for discussion at the June 2019 Board of Regents meeting.   Details 
    • After publication of the proposed amendment in the State Register and expiration of the 60-day required public comment period (Public Comments to Be Accepted Through September 2), the Board of Regents may adopt the regulations at its October 2019 meeting providing there are no material changes. The proposed amendment will be effective on October 23, 2019.

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  • CoSer: 470.5917

    Nassau BOCES Substantial Equivalency Review will provide support to participating districts in evaluating nonpublic schools within their catchment. Education Law §§3204, 3205, and 3210 require the Local School Authority (LSA) to ensure that students of compulsory school age (from six to sixteen or seventeen years of age) who reside within the boundaries of their school district are receiving an education. Local public-school officials must ensure that the education received by students is substantially equivalent to that received in district public schools. Nassau BOCES, at the request of districts, will provide assistance in reviewing non-public schools.

    Based on the regulations Nassau BOCES will make a recommendation to determine if the non-public schools are substantially equivalent regarding instructional practices. The results of the review will be reported to the LEA. In collaboration with the LEA, Nassau BOCES will, if necessary, review the non-public attempt to remediate instructional practices so the school can move into substantial equivalency.

    The LSAs are responsible for substantial equivalency determinations except in the case of registered high schools. Registered high schools have been reviewed and visited by SED staff as part of the authorization process to administer Regents examinations and Regents diplomas. Therefore, registered high schools do not require a review.

    After careful review and consideration of the information provided, Nassau BOCES will inform the superintendent and the board of education in writing of the recommended determination, and they will vote to make the final determination in a regularly scheduled, public board meeting.


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