Child Nutrition

  • Accurate as of August 31, 2021

  • Nassau BOCES recognizes that a successful nutrition program is a key component to a successful educational environment.

    Reopening Mandatory Requirements

    Access to Meals

    • Nassau BOCES plans to provide access to meals for all students whether the students are learning in school or remotely. Students in attendance will be served their meals in the classrooms. Students learning remotely will be able to access meals at any of the Nassau BOCES schools throughout the county where meals are customarily served. This will allow parents/guardians the flexibility to obtain meals from the BOCES location closest to their home, which may be different than the school which their child(ren) attend.

    Health and Safety

    • Nassau BOCES shall adhere to or implement any protocols required under federal, state and local guidelines. This will include, but is not limited to:
      • Updating procedures for sanitation of kitchens, cafeterias and food warehouses
      • Identifying additional equipment needed to ensure the safety of students and staff
      • Providing additional health and safety training and access to supplies and PPE for food service staff members
    • Nassau BOCES shall assess the unique needs of students with food allergies and provide a safe environment for those students to consume their meals. This effort with done in coordination with school administrators and classroom personnel.
    • Nassau BOCES, as part of its overall Health & Safety protocols, will promote proper hand hygiene and shall provide students with instruction on proper hand hygiene before and after eating. Sharing of food and beverages will be discouraged.
    • If a common area is used for serving meals, Nassau BOCES shall clean and disinfect the space prior to the next group of students arriving for meals. This effort will be done in coordination with building administrators and the building custodial/cleaning staff.
    • Nassau BOCES has been approved for the Community Eligibility Provision for the 2021/22 school year and will ensure that it complies with all Child Nutrition Program requirements. Any necessary waivers will be applied for based on current guidance and recommendations for Food Services Authorities.
    • Nassau BOCES will require that students maintain an appropriate physical distance (6 feet) while consuming meals in school unless a physical barrier is provided.


    • As part of our overall Communications Plan for re-opening, Nassau BOCES will provide families with details of the Food Service Plan through multiple means and in the languages spoken by families. Please the Communication & Engagement section for additional information.