• Accurate as of August 31, 2021

  • General Seating Guidelines

    • As practicable, students will maintain appropriate physical distancing.
    • Members of the same household may occupy the same bench.
    • As practicable, students will be seated from the rear of the bus forward to prevent students from walking past each other.
    • Matrons, nurses and other adults attending to students shall ride with their students and utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit the potential spread of any germs on the bus.

Reopening Mandatory Requirements

  • Routing Requirements

    • The Nassau BOCES Transportation service provides safe and efficient student transport options to its component school districts upon request. The role of our Transportation Department is that of a vendor for our districts. While Nassau BOCES understands the requirement to continue providing services to students who are homeless (McKinney-Vento), in foster care, have disabilities and attend non-public schools and charter schools, those obligations rest with the student's district of residence.

    The School Bus

    • Students will be physically distanced on the bus, if practicable. 
    • Nassau BOCES plans to disinfect high touch areas on all buses after each run (performed by the bus driver during the day) and will do a deeper cleaning/disinfection each night. Cleaning protocols shall adhere to all current guidance.
    • Wheelchair buses shall be configured to maximize physical distancing at 6 feet when practicable.
    • Each bus shall be configured with a protective shield "sneeze guard" by the driver's seat.
    • As tolerated by passengers and as practicable, Nassau BOCES bus operators shall use all options (roof hatches, windows, air conditioning) to allow for maximum fresh air flow based on weather conditions (temperature, precipitation, etc.).

    School Bus Staff

    • Consistent with the requirement for all Nassau BOCES employees, all transportation workers, whether employees of Nassau BOCES or not, including drivers, monitors, attendants, matrons, nurses, mechanics, administrators, dispatchers and cleaners shall perform a daily health screening prior to reporting for work.
    • Due to the special needs of the students transported by Nassau BOCES, it is our intention to provide all support staff on our buses with a complement of personal protective equipment (PPE), which may include:
      • Face covering
      • Face shield
      • Gloves
      • Gowns
      • Other items based on specific circumstances
    • Nassau BOCES shall provide training and refreshers for staff on the proper use of personal protective equipment, the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and proper physical distancing.
    • Transportation offices, lunchrooms and garages shall be equipped with hand sanitizer for employee use prior to and after their bus routes.
    • Nassau BOCES plans to implement as many of the Best Practice recommendations as possible when providing districts with student transportation services including:
      • Encouraging all bus personnel to wear gloves during their routes; gloves are mandated for employees with direct personal contact with students
      • Encouraging staff to wash their hands before and after their bus routes and to avoid touching their face, eyes, nose and mouth

    Students on Transportation

    • Parents/guardians shall assess their student's health prior to them boarding the buses each day. Students must be symptom-free in order to ride the bus.
    • To the extent practicable, students will maintain appropriate physical distance.
    • Face coverings can be provided to any student who does not have one. Students must be able to secure face coverings on their own. Staff may not assist with this task.
    • Nassau BOCES shall provide training and refreshers for students on the proper use of personal protective equipment, the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and proper physical distancing.

    Contact Tracing Guidelines

    • Keep passenger logs to enable contact tracing if someone tests positive for COVID 19
    • Assign a single driver to the same bus, when possible. When buses are being serviced or repaired, a disinfected replacement bus will be assigned to the driver. All buses will be disinfected prior to servicing and when returning to service.