2020-21 Agency Reopening Plan

  • Accurate as of October 20, 2020

Reopening Taskforce

  • Our Reopening Taskforce included representatives from throughout the agency, including the presidents of four bargaining units. We are grateful for their leadership and hard work during this unprecedented time.

    Nassau BOCES Board of Education

    Susan Bergtraum, President
    Deborah Coates, Vice President
    Michael Weinick, District Clerk
    Fran N. Langsner, Vice District Clerk
    Ronald Ellerbe
    Lawrence Greenstein
    Martin R. Kaye
    Robert “B.A.” Schoen
    Eric B. Schultz


    Dr. Robert R. Dillon, District Superintendent
    James R. Widmer, Associate Superintendent for Business Services
    Dr. RG France, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Services

    Reopening Taskforce

    Dr. Marsha Barnett
    Donald Brosnan
    Pamela Christensen
    Dr. Valerie D’Aguanno
    Dr. Robert R. Dillon
    Anthony Fierro
    Marion Fine
    Dr. RG France
    Alex Goldberg
    Lori Gross
    Timothy Holahan
    Judith Hynes
    Steve Jacob
    Kenneth Kroog
    Peter N. LaDuca
    Barbara Longo
    Linda Mancz
    Angela Marshall
    TJ Michon
    Laverne Mitchell
    Peter Nicolino
    Chris Reinertsen
    Lisa Rice
    Monica Savino
    Teresa Scaturro
    Clifford Steinberg
    Selma Stoddard
    Dr. Carla Theodorou
    James R. Widmer

Last Modified on October 20, 2020