Test Scoring Services

  • CoSer: 602.070

    As the scoring center for Nassau County, our Test Scoring Services provides districts and schools with answer documents for NYS Assessments and Regents exams. The service includes scoring and processing, as well as delivering the data to the state.

    Additional services include: 
    Local Scanning Service
    The objective of the Nassau BOCES Local Scanning service is to provide technical and end-user support for districts scanning tests locally. BOCES will provide scanning applications for state answer documents and provide technical/user support for scanning applications. Districts will scan locally and generate reports using the BOCES item analysis program. Answer keys will not be provided.
    Online Scoring - electronic vendor scoring 
    This service provided by Nassau BOCES is for vendor scoring of the Constructed Response Items of the 3-8 ELA, math and Science 4 & 8 Examinations by OSC World.  OSC will provide Nassau BOCES with an electronic file that includes the constructed response data for scoring and processing.  District will need to deliver their constructed response booklets to OSC facility in Lynbrook and the answer sheets to Nassau BOCES.  OSC uses NYS certified teachers to score constructed response items.
    Regents Exams
    Nassau BOCES will provide answer sheets and scanning applications for those Regents included in the Data Warehouse project. One “point of contact” must be assigned to this project.
    FAST Score 
    Nassau BOCES will provide all equipment, installation and training necessary for your district to FAST Score Regents Examinations.  This service will allow you to scan the Regents Examination Answer Documents and receive scores back within a short period of time.  The process begins with teachers scoring the constructed response items and bubbling the scores.  Teachers do not score the multiple choice nor do they calculate  final grades.  Answer sheets are scanned and sent to the vendor who verifies for missing constructed response and other issues. Once, the answer sheets are verified, they are sent electronically to Nassau BOCES test scoring service to finish the scoring process. All student scores are then visible on the ASAP website. 
    Testing Services for Non-Public Schools
    Nassau BOCES will provide pre-printed answer sheets and scanning services to Non Public schools. This service includes training in testing procedures, Level 0, NYSSIS, and L2RPT.
    Special Projects
    Nassau BOCES will provide custom machine scannable documents including test materials and surveys. BOCES can provide private custom reports and data files in various formats.
Test Scoring Services