Welcome to Automotive Technology


    Teacher Name: Mr. Ed Stella 

    With the technological advancements of today’s automobile, even routine maintenance procedures require analytical thinking, dexterity, and patience. In this fast paced course, students will be trained to use state-of-the-art diagnostic,machining, and hydraulic test equipment.
    Future technicians will learn:

    -Hand tool and equipment safety
    -Basic Automotive Fundamentals
    -Hybrid Vehicle Safety

    In addition, much of the course will focus on:

    -A5 Brakes
    -A6  Electrical
    -A8 Engine Performance
    -A4 Suspension

    These four core ASE areas prepare students for automotive certification. Each area of focus is instructed by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians with 20 years of automotive experience.

  • Mr. Stella’s students received a tour of Nassau County Police Department’s Fleet Services and Aviation Bureau.