Welcome to Aviation Operations

  • Teacher Name:  Mr. John Carey 

    This course will prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot written examination, "Fun N Sun" Expo while providing training that can be credited toward a private pilot’s license. Students will “fly” state-of-the-art computer simulators, using the latest interactive flight training software. The classroom is equipped with a full motion flight simulator which is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

    In the 1st Year:

    • students will earn approximately 10 hours of flight time in a 4-seat aircraft, with 5 hours credited toward a private pilot’s license

    In the 2nd Year:

    • qualified students will fly solo

    Young Pilots Will Be Actively Involved in:

    • pilot flight training • computerized flight planning • downloading weather data • filing computerized flight plans • internships • field trips