Welcome to Business Services Skills

  • In this course, students are prepared with the skills necessary to work in a business office.  Skills learned include keyboarding, formatting business documents using Microsoft Word, setting up spreadsheets in MS Excel and preparing PowerPoint presentations.  Students are also taught the rules for Alphabetic Filing and proper Telephone Etiquette.

    A big part of the course involves learning career development skills including job seeking and job keeping skills, and resume writing.

    Students will participate in an internship at AHRC where they will be working on projects involving filing, typing, shredding, and putting together mailings.

    In addition, the Business Services students will be running Joe's Corner Store two days each week.  The store is open to all students and staff at Barry Tech.  Joe's sells "Smart Snacks" and drinks that are compliant with the new school regulations for smart snacks in schools.  This will provide them with retail skills including cashiering, bagging, stocking, greeting and serving customers behind the counter.  These are valuable skills that will enhance the student's skill set.

Data Entry at AHRC