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  • Mental Health Liaison Meeting

    September 27, 2024

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    Discover the Power of Play & Outdoor Education For Child Development

    Unlock the potential of outdoor education for holistic childhood development and mental wellness! Join us at Caumsett State Park for an enriching workshop experience. What to Expect: Dive into the importance of outdoor activities for children's growth Gain insights into enhancing outdoor spaces in your school/district Explore the profound impact of nature on mental well-being and overall health. Workshop Highlights: Collaborate with Nassau BOCES environmental experts. Learn innovative methods to infuse nature-based activities into your curriculum. Align lessons with NYSED SEL and CASEL 5 SEL benchmarks. Develop executive skills through engaging activities.

    Who Should Attend: District Mental Health Coordinators Science, Physical Education, and Health Educators Anyone keen on integrating outdoor experiences into their classroom. Don't miss this opportunity to nurture young minds amidst the beauty of nature! Join us and be part of the movement towards holistic education. Dress for the OUTDOORS! 

    9:00am - 3:00pm 

    In-person Training
    Nassau BOCES Environmental Center at Caumsett State Historic Park

    29 Lloyd Harbor Road

    Huntington, NY 11743

Helpful Documents

  • Formed in 2019 based on district requests, the Nassau BOCES Mental Health Consortium (MHC) united to collectively support the implementation of NYSED's Mental Health Education requirements. Now expanded, MHC embraces all 56 districts in Nassau County, alongside several districts in Suffolk and Westchester counties.    

    We are excited to be able to offer membership to ANY school district in NYS as of July 1, 2023.

    2024-2025 MHC District Membership Fee $3,057

    Click here to send us an email to request membership information.

  • The Mental Health Consortium offers 10+ collegial work groups/circles that meet virtually monthly, including, elementary counselor circle, school psychologist collaborative clinical discussion group, BCBA circle, LGTBQ+ learning group, crisis team roundtable exercises and more.  These groups are offered to school district staff for NO COST.  These groups are moderated by experts in their fields. The district MHC membership covers the cost of these groups.

    The MHC schedule includes monthly workshops, updates, presentations, and trainings. These sessions, often available virtually, connect participating districts with experts and cover diverse topics such as mental and behavioral health, clinical updates, new research, and NYSED information dissemination. Additionally, annual training initiatives are offered in a cohort format, enabling district teams to receive training on evidence-based programs. Notably, Nassau BOCES is proud to be a 2023-2024 CASEL Fellows Partner.

    MHC members use a dedicated closed listserv to communicate ideas, share initiatives, resources, and upcoming events.  Managed by Nassau BOCES the MHC Listserv offers members access to mental and behavioral health, social emotional learning and NYSED initiative resources and materials PK-12.  You may access the listserv here.

    Looking for ideas for your next conference day?  To facilitate the sharing of information and engaging presentations, Nassau BOCES MHC has a robust catalog of professional development providers for districts.  

    2024-2025 MHC Meeting Dates and Topics - subject to change

    Look for this list by July 30, 2024