Nassau BOCES is led by a district superintendent who, in addition to responsibilities as the agency's chief executive, acts as a regional representative for the New York State commissioner of education. The district superintendent is supported by a deputy superintendent and two associate superintendents, each of whom is responsible for supervising a division of Nassau BOCES. Together, they meet regularly to discuss agency-wide issues, set programmatic and operational direction, and ensure the high quality of services and programs.

Dr. Robert Dillon  

Dr. Robert R. Dillon, District Superintendent
(516) 396-2200

Additional Contact:
Teresa Scaturro, Executive Assistant
(516) 396-2202
Dr. Lydia Begley  

Dr. Lydia Begley, Deputy Superintendent
(516) 396-2219
Additional Contact:

Mary Etzel, Stenographic Secretary
(516) 396-2213
James P. Robinson  

James P. Robinson, Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services
(516) 396-2205

Additional Contact:
Christine Fregosi, Stenographic Secretary
(516) 396-2385
James Widmer  

James R. Widmer, Associate Superintendent for Business Services
(516) 396-2214

Additional Contact:
Lorraine Pendergast, Stenographic Secretary
(516) 396-2389