Student Teacher/Interns

  • Thank you for interest in becoming a student teacher or intern at Nassau BOCES!

    It is Nassau BOCES’ intent to provide student teachers and interns with rigorous, authentic and high-quality professional and educational experiences. We are looking for motivated and committed students—it’s why we require applicants be enrolled in an approved college or university education program, with university provided field supervisors. Each student teacher or intern applicant must complete his or her term. Candidates must submit applications to the school principal or the executive director of the program no less than 90 days prior to the requested start date.


    Student Teacher/Intern Information 

    Student Teacher/Intern Application (PDF)

    CoSer: 604.520 


  • Thomas McGrath, Assistant to the Superintendent, Human Resources 
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    Fax: (516) 396-2383

    Mary Beth Fasulo, Administrative Assistant
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    Fax:  (516) 396-2383