Professional Development and Administrative Retreats

  • Take your staff outdoors for your next professional development session!
    teaching about geology
    We can address many different topic areas at your request but consider:

    ♦ The Living Environment: using Caumsett’s unique habitats, your teachers will develop better understandings of LI ecology.

    ♦ Earth Science: Caumsett is the perfect site for staff to get a deeper understanding of LI geology

    ♦ Marine Biology: can be conducted at a south shore beach (Jones Beach) or Caumsett’s north shore beach and salt marsh to make concepts in marine biology come alive. 

    ♦ Our Challenge Course Program is designed to enhance workplace, peer, and other community interactions. 

    teachers solving a problem Participants are guided through a series of activities including cooperative games, problem solving initiatives and our low ropes course. These help to create and strengthen bonds between participants enabling all to benefit from the engaging social, emotional, mental and physical challenges presented. Suitable for all ages and physical abilities, the program helps to develop cooperation and communication skills and appreciation of others.

    Adult groups trained in these activities and philosophy report a positive impact on workplace climate, performance and interpersonal dynamics:

    Working collaboratively with colleagues strengthens the entire team and results in more effective strategies for problem solving.
         ~~ Participant in 2-day administrative retreat