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    What Students Say:

    "Career Prep was like a family. Anytime things got rough, there was always something there for me at school to take my mind off things. The staff taught me confidence and gave me the ability to take on anything I wanted to accomplish. Career Prep taught me good strong values I will take with me for the rest of my life."

    - Owen Pilkington, student

    The Career Preparatory High School is an alternative high school that focuses on the social, emotional, prevocational and academic needs of students who come to Career Prep with a variety of behavioral difficulties accompanied by learning disabilities. There is a high staff-to-student ratio to better address the individual needs of each student in self-contained classroom settings (9:1:2 or 6:1:2).

    The instructional program is aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and addresses students' cognitive levels and learning styles. All students are given the opportunity to earn a New York State Regents diploma or other state approved high school diploma. Students also have the opportunity of earning college credits through a partnership with Farmingdale State College SUNY. Instructional and work-based learning opportunities required for the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential are also provided. A select group of students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in a character education and life skills curriculum using horses to facilitate growth and learning.

    Career Prep also offers the Farmingdale Program at Farmingdale State College SUNY and the Career Extension Program at Hofstra University. These community-based programs provide a transitional atmosphere for mature students to experience a college environment and explore post-secondary school options. Consideration and acceptance into both of these less restrictive (9:1:2) programs are based on an internal screening process and the student's success in the program.

    At the Farmingdale Program, students spend 80% of the school week at the S.U.N.Y Farmingdale State College campus receiving academic instruction and, when appropriate for the student, taking additional college credit courses offered by the university.

    At CEP (Career Extension Program at Hofstra University), students spend 80% of the school week on the Hofstra campus receiving academic instruction and participating in a work-experience practicum.

    Middle School classes are also offered at Career Prep for students age 12 to 14 in need of a highly structured, safe and supportive educational setting where they can realize the value of school and better prepare to enter high school.

    Career Prep students are encouraged to make the transition from adolescence to a productive adulthood by developing self-esteem and raising their expectations for success in the future. All students participate in individual and group counseling sessions with a focus on the development of prosocial behaviors including conflict resolution skills, moral development, interpersonal communication skills, self-awareness and self-esteem enhancement.

Meet one of our award-winning students:

Kevin Reyes was one of 16 exceptional students to be honored with the 2016 George Farber Outstanding Student Award.

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