Children's Readiness Center - Preschool Students

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What Parents Say:

“When you have a child with special needs, you question every decision you make. But one thing is for sure — with its dedicated staff, parent support and family atmosphere — Children’s Readiness Center is a wise choice.”

- Maria Caltabiano

Children’s Readiness Center (CRC) specializes in serving children in need of a highly structured learning environment and present with autism spectrum disorders or PDD (pervasive development disorder). Classes are small which allow for an intensive learning environment.

The CRC Preschool Language Enriched Academic Development Program (LEAD) effectively targets communication competence, social interactions, and pre-academic and academic readiness skills. A collaborative model provides a speech and language therapist with the special education teacher in every classroom all day, every day, to support speech, language, cognitive and social development.

CRC utilized the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to shape behaviors and teach new skills through repetition and reinforcement. Instruction targets Activities of Daily Living (ADL). A progressive total communication system is utilized including spoken words, photographs, pictures, symbols and/or sign language, to increase communication skills. The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used to engage students in a social exchange to request and/or communicate their needs. Additionally, we have specially trained staff that may address any mealtime management concerns, such as limited food repertoire.

A collaborate team including teachers, social workers, psychologist, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and administrative personnel strives to meet the individualized educational needs of each child.

Family input is encouraged and parent training is provided throughout the school year. Day and evening workshops assist parents with skill development and behavioral interventions and ongoing support groups are facilitated by the social worker.

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