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  • What Parents Say:

    "Last year we mainstreamed Max into (our district’s) high school and we were very worried. This past year we had a great team of teachers. Our Teacher of the Deaf was Mrs. Corby, who was a big part of Max’s success. Max had a great year and we are no longer worried concerning the next 3 years of high school. I hope that BOCES will be around for many years to put parents at ease and give them and their children the support they need."

    - Patrizia Gibson-Neuwirth

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    Hearing Services are provided for students attending local district programs who have hearing disorders or central auditory processing disorders and include the following:

    • Audiological Evaluations are provided for students with hearing impairment. Evaluations include pure tone audiometry and tympanometry. The following can be included in the evaluation for an additional fee: aided testing with hearing aids, hearing test with student wearing hearing aids; aided testing with FM unit, and hearing test with student wearing FM unit.

      FM Evaluations include an initial FM evaluation that provides a hearing test to determine the appropriate FM unit for the student. Calibration of the FM unit is included in this service.
    • Earmolds for FM Amplification are provided for students who require FM amplification and are made by audiologists who individualize this equipment to meet the student's needs.
    • Central Auditory Processing Evaluation is provided for students, who are seven years and older, with normal hearing and intelligence who have an impaired ability to attend, discriminate, recognize or comprehend auditory information. The Central Auditory Processing Evaluation includes: a peripheral audiological evaluation; tests of speech recognition in quiet and noise; testing to assess central auditory processing disorders, including but not limited to dichotic listening tests, distorted speech, speech in noise, and temporal ordering tasks; and an evaluation report.
    • FM Amplification Trial is designed to assist district personnel in determining if low gain amplification could benefit students who have been diagnosed with: mild hearing loss; fluctuating middle ear hearing loss; learning disabilities involving auditory deficits; and sensorineural hearing loss. To determine if a student can benefit from such amplification, trial use of equipment is available. This includes provision of equipment for one month; in-service workshops for staff on proper use of equipment; classroom management techniques; and pre- and post-data using standardized checklists of auditory behaviors.
    • FM Equipment Services provide for the rental of FM equipment for one month when it is necessary for a district to provide short term use of this equipment and in-service workshops are not needed. If FM equipment is not working properly, the unit can be brought to the BOCES Audiological Center at the Rosemary Kennedy Center – Room 1301G. A computerized evaluation of the unit will be provided and simple repairs, when possible, can be made.
    • Consultant Services include in-service consultation provided to assist district staff in meeting the needs of students with either hearing impairment or central auditory processing disorders.
  • Hearing Services



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