Vision Services

  • Vision Services, including Assistive Technology and Orientation and Mobility Assessment and Training, are provided for students attending district programs.

    Vision Assistive Technology Evaluations identify assistive technology devices and services that will help the student access the general curriculum and achieve academic success. Some of the technologies include screen reading software, speech output, scan-and-read systems, computer screen magnification, electronic note takers, and magnifying Closed-Circuit Televisions (CCTVs).

    Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is an important and integral part of the curriculum in the comprehensive delivery of services to children with visual impairments. Orientation is the process of using sensory information to establish and maintain one's position in the environment; mobility is the process of moving safely, efficiently, and gracefully within one's environment. The ultimate goal of O&M instruction is for visually impaired persons to be able to travel in any environment as independently as possible. To reach this goal, O&M instruction must begin at the earliest possible age.

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District-based Vision



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