• Save the Turkey!

    Gobble, gobble, gobble!  It's almost Thanksgiving time and turkeys of the world do NOT want to be eaten!!  "Turkey Disguise" Collaboration is a holiday-themed version of "Twenty Questions " or "Guess Who" for Grade 2 students in New York State.**  Each of your students will take a turkey template home and "disguise" it.  Your class will pick one turkey for the distant students to guess or "catch." During the videoconference, the distant students will ask there questions.  When they are ready, they will guess which turkey they think your students picked.  Then, the roles are reversed and your students will have a chance to ask the questions and guess the turkey.
    **Please note: Schools wishing to participate in this project must be members of their local BOCES videoconference service.**
    Below are "Turkey Disguises" video tutorials and  materials to get you started.

    Turkey Disguise Video Tutorials