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    Joe DeRiso,  Debird Consulting and Associates, Inc.
    Consultant  to Nassau BOCES Perkins Consortium 
    on Special Education: Transition Planning

    MARCH, 2014
    I am happy to report that Barry Tech has finalized a NYS Career Development Occupational Standard Commencement Credential Checklist that offers districts to determine which requirements may have been met for students who attend Barry Tech programs. It is up to each district to ensure that this information gets updated and included in the IEP process. This checklist should be used in conjunction with the Barry Tech Transition Checklist that was developed by Shelley Rebaudo and her team several years ago.
    Here is the information you need to acquire the data you need for developing a student IEP and CDOS credential.
    Barry Tech Transition Plan Checklist:
    • Transition Data for IEP Development
    • Information is available mid-year
    • District contact person should be identified to Barry Tech so it is sent to staff who are developing the student’s IEP, guidance, special education, Transition Coordinator or other
    • Contact Shelley Rebaudo, School Psychologist at 516.622.6889 or srebaudo@mail.nasboces.org for additional information
    Barry Tech CDOS Commencement Credential Checklist
    • CDOS activities for districts to award commencement credential
    • Information is available after final exams at Barry Tech (June 1)
    • Barry Tech team will address all areas on the checklist
    • Proficiency Employability Profile will be completed by Barry Tech teacher for CDOS only. It will align with ACCESS and other adult services
    • All data will be sent to Director/Chair of Guidance, listing home school counselor and the student attending Barry Tech
    This has been a huge task completed in a very short time to assist our students who meet the new requirements. I would like to offer a few strategies, recommendations and insights on Transition and CDOS planning.
    • This is a new credential, it will take time to sort it out
    • Develop a district plan to meet both needs for district and student. When will it be done? Middle or High School? Both?
    • Have you planned properly to parent and student questions?
    • If the district does not have a plan the student will not either
    • Base all your planning upon ‘realistic readiness’ based upon what your district is actually doing
    • It is most important that the district develop individual CDOS Checklists based upon their own needs. Use the Barry Tech document as a template
    • Many parent who understand the CDOS Commencement Credential might inquire about how their child can pursue the new GED credential (TASC)
    • Think “way” outside the box, be creative
    • Share your success and initiatives with other districts in the consortium
    The CDOS checklist can be found at the Barry Tech site under Guidance forms, publications or www.nassaubocesperkins.org, Transitions. Test Assessing Secondary Completion, (TASC), the new high school equivalency test. Go to www.access.nysed.gov/ged.
    If you have additional questions or comments you may reach me, Joe DeRiso at 515.356.4808 or debird@optonline.net
    See you next month.
    February News

    Welcome to the first issue of the New Year. 2013 was a challenging year for district transition teams to implement the requirements of the new CDOS Commencement Credential to be awarded to students this coming June.

    As we begin the second semester of the school year it is extremely important for consortium members to continue developing protocol for obtaining Transition and CDOS Commencement Credential data for inclusion into students’ IEP’s.
    Just a reminder, those of you who have students attending Barry Tech, please use the Transition Checklist that was developed by Shelley Rebaudo and her team several years ago. It is an important resource for Transition Data that is needed as you go through the annual review process. It may be found on the Transition page at www.nassuabocesperkins.org or you may contact her at 622-6889.
    In addition, at the request of many consortium members, Barry Tech has developed a NYS Career Development Occupational Standard Commencement Credential Checklist that allows districts to determine which requirements may have been met for students who attend Barry Tech programs. 
    It is up to each district to ensure that this information gets updated and included in the IEP process. This document will be available soon. I will be contacting individual district Transition teams to explain how to access the document on the Transition page.
    I would recommend to districts that each develop their own CDOS Checklist in order to keep accurate data for students who attend CTE and other out of district programs. The NYS Commencement Credential is awarded by each local Board of Education.
    If you are sending students to Barry Tech ‘Taste of Tech’ days, these can be included as a CDOS/Transition activity.
    The CDOS Commencement does NOT replace effective Transition Planning. It should enhance and reinforce student outcomes as they exit our schools.
    The certificate was created to assist students with disabilities to become career, college and life ready. I am certain that ‘down the road’, this will be embraced by parents and students as an effective tool to measure the attainment of skill sets needed to enter the workplace. For additional information, you may contact me at debird@optonline.net or Joe De Riso at 516.356.4808.          
    See You Next Month
    December 2013  News

    Welcome to the last issue of the calendar year and what a year it has been for Transition for SWD. It has taken a good part of the year but I am happy to report that all of the districts that I have worked with this year are moving forward in implementing, and fully understanding the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential requirements that students may be receiving this coming June. 

    It was only in April of this year the NYS Education Department and Board of Regents introduced a new certificate, which would assist students with disabilities to access opportunities which will help them pursue a path to enter college and/or the workplace with entry-level employment skills. The certificate was adopted during the summer. 

    As we know, the CDOS Commencement Credential replaces the IEP Diploma. This document is the new certificate SWD will be earning if they are unable to receive a Regents or local diploma. The major differences between the two include a career plan that must be completed in addition to the Transition Plan, two units of study, an employability profile and documented work based learning. Many of the districts I have been working with have developed strategies to complete all or part of the requirements. Each district has its own needs. What you need to complete is a checklist that districts should develop in order to keep accurate data of those students who attend CTE and out of district programs. 

    As indicated in last month’s post, Barry Tech is designing a checklist that would allow districts to determine what requirements have been met for students who attend. It is up to each district to ensure that this information gets updated and included in the IEP process. The NYS CDOS Commencement Credential is awarded by the local Board of Education. 

    The most important aspect of this new diploma is to increase articulation between student, parent, guidance and special education staff to ensure that a career pathway has been initiated for those SWD who are unable to receive a Diploma. 

    As I mentioned earlier, it has been a very busy year for Transition, CDOS and Career planning. Parents and students will have many questions regarding the new certificate. I have several questions that I ask districts to consider as they put in place their individual protocol. 

    Some planning tips for 2014: 

    1. How would your transition team explain to a student and parent what the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential is? Who does it? Guidance or Special Ed.? 

    2. When would you start to implement CDOS pathway for SWD? (By age, grade, IEP data, other)? 

    3. What additional information should the parents and students have? 

    The results I have received from districts are very different. The one thing that is certain is that they are discussing strategies to ‘think outside the box’, when it comes to Transition Planning. 

    We have very limited days until June. If you would like our assistance in the Transition/CDOS process contact me at debird@optonline.net or cell, 516 356-4808. 

    November News

    Just a brief update on my Transition/CDOS consults that I would like to share with you. Districts have begun the task of implementing new strategies to meet the new CDOS Credential. Research shows that the earlier transition planning begins, the better the outcome for the student to be college, career and work ready. It is no different than CDOS planning. I have found that we need to develop a ‘CDOS Timeline’ to ensure that those students are exiting our schools career and work ready. I will keep you posted as I learn more. 

    The Barry Tech ‘Transition Plan Checklist’ is now posted on the site. As you know the checklist provides much needed IEP information for those students who attend Barry Tech. Please contact Shelly Rebaudo (516) 622- 6889 or srebudo@mail.nasboces.org 

    We are currently working on a similar document that will reflect CDOS Commencement Credential requirements as well.

    Just a reminder, annual reviews are just around the corner. It is important to begin collecting all necessary surveys, interest inventories as well as CDOS commencement credential requirements before the New Year.

    If you have students who wish to pursue a career in the skilled trades there is a web site that presents an array of issues confronting our current workforce gaps, “The Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation” 2013 will award individual scholarships to applicants. Go to www.profoundlydisconnected.com 

    To schedule a Transition/CDOS Planning consult contact me at debird@optonline.net or cell (516) 356-4808. 

    October News

    I would like to review a few key points from the September News. The ‘Transitions with Joe’ blog as well as our list of Transition services available are now up and running on our new web page. Go to nassauboces.org/perkins and find information about the new NYS CDOS Commencement Credential.

    If you haven’t begun the process of collecting “Transition Data”, it is time to start. October is a critical month to gather all the Level I assessments and begin to disseminate that information to those on the transition team. Formal interest inventories need to be done yearly. These will also assist in the development of the student’s career plan which is required in order to earn the CDOS Credential.

    Last year’s DATA is not acceptable for IEP compliance issues.
    We have been in several districts already and have been assisting them in implementing CDOS Commencement Requirements and how they address Transition planning as well.

    *There are four key areas to address:

    The student will:
    • Complete a Career Plan
    • Demonstrate attainment of the commencement level CDOS learning standards
    • Complete two Units of Study (CTE Coursework, work based learning) and documented work based learning
    • Complete at least one employability profile

    It is not as hard as one thinks; especially if you have transition, career and college planning in place.

    The Nassau BOCES Perkins Consortium Implementation Meeting is scheduled for October 24, 1PM-3PM at Barry Tech. For additional information contact Mary Etzel at metzel@nasboces.org

    We have very limited days available. If you wish to schedule a consult to review our ‘Best Practices Strategies’ which will assist you in developing transition, career and college planning practices in order to award SWD- the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential, contact us at debird@optonline.net or contact Joe De Riso, Nassau BOCES Perkins Transition Consultant, 516.356.4808. See you next month 
    Happy Halloween!

    2013 September

    Welcome Back to Transitions with Joe 
    Each month during the upcoming school year I will continue to share with you ways in which districts have continued to enhance “Best Practices Model Transition Program” strategies to increase transition outcomes for students with disabilities as they exit our schools. 

    The New York State Board of Regents recognized the need to develop new pathways available for students to be college, career, work and life ready as they begin their post secondary journey. We have been assisting districts in making steps to begin the task of staff development and parent outreach to all to develop a better understanding of how the infusion of Common Core Standards will better prepare ALL of our exiting students in attaining workforce skills needed in our communities. 

    In a Newsday ‘op-ed’ during July, Roger Tilles, Long Island’s representative on the NYS Board of Regents noted that our first round of tests based upon Common Core standards was not very good. “We must do things differently if we want to ensure that high school students graduate ready for college and careers.” 

    Now that we have completed the first full week of school for many of us it is time to begin the process of collecting “TRANSITION DATA”. If you have not yet started the LEVEL I assessment process, it is time to do so. We know many districts have posted their parent and student assessments online. All data is then sent directly to respective building teams. It is an efficient way to obtain student and parent transition DATA. 

    If you have not yet registered for the 3rd Annual Career and Technical Education Conference, Innovations for College and Career Readiness “linking Academics to Success” being held at Hofstra University on October 1, 2013. Go to Ctetsc@spnet.us (CTE Assistance Center) for additional information. 

    Some Endnotes:

    GED Testing Services will introduce a new version of the test, given nationwide, on January 1, 2014. Present candidates must have ALL parts completed by Dec. 31.

    I discovered a website offering an array of issues confronting our current workforce gaps. The Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation 2013 awards individual scholarships to applicants who want to pursue a career in the skilled trades. Go to www.profoundlydisconnected.com

    We have limited days. If you wish to schedule a consult to review our ‘Best Practices Strategies’ to learn how to infuse college, career and transition planning data in order to award SWD the  NYS CDOS Commencement Credential please contact me at debird@optonline.net

    or Joe DeRiso, Nassau BOCES Perkins Consortium Transition Consultant, 516.356.4808.