• NYS Standards and Common Core Alignments for Boats:
    Grades 3-5
                Grades Middle School - High School
    From Grade 6 teacher about Jones Beach: Both naturalists were passionate about field ecology and their enthusiasm was very contagious. Everything was explained so that the children fully understood and appreciated what they saw. I wouldn't change anything about the program. It was a positive experience and the kids walked away with a new appreciation for coastal ecology.
  • From Grade 6 Teacher: We had 5 trips go out this year. The overall sense of the trip was excellent! The professionalism was outstanding. The care and knowledge shared was fantastic. Each naturalist gave their utmost attention to our students and their learning!
    Grade 5, Island Trees: We loved the way the Naturalists interacted with the kids. As soon as we got on the boat, they begin talking and giving then information. Each station was interesting and informative. The students had a great times!