• Tutoring and Support Services

     A district must belong to the Center for Online Learning CoSer (409) in order to access COL content. This subscription entitles districts full access to COL offerings as per the CoSer description in the Nassau BOCES Directory of Services.

    The advantages of online tutoring and support services include access to:
    • A large pool of certified targeted teachers and clinicians
    • Anywhere, any time support
    • Multi-lingual facilitators
    • Virtual content and assistive technology to enhance remediation
    • Whiteboard orientation for students
    • Session reports for specified student support team members
    • Ongoing contact with classroom teachers and district administrators
    • Sessions that are recorded and are available for playback (select vendors only)


    A team of highly seasoned professionals who, with over a decade of experience, have created the premiere online tutoring platform. Our programs unlock & optimize the learning potential of students from all over the world.

    fev tutor

    Personalized 1:1 tutoring, connected to the classroom, designed to drive results.  An academic team works with partners to plan instructional strategies that most effectively utilize the hours for optimized academic achievement and student support.

    Blast Off
    Free peer-to-peer tutoring provides students with tutoring sessions from their peers while giving community
    service opportunities for those looking to bolster their résumé.
    For More Information Contact:
    Elisa A. Maggi, Supervisor
    (516) 608-6638
    Fax: (516) 396-2040
    Eileen Dwyer, Program Coordinator
    (516) 608-6624
    Fax (516) 396-2040