• Original-Credit Content Area Courses for Students

    There are a variety of reasons why you might have students in need of taking online courses through our Online Learning Academy. Whether you would like to offer courses that you do not have the staff to teach, or  you have students who are professional athletes, performers, or who have unique scheduling needs, we are here to support you!

    The Center for Online Learning Academy is able to provide an extensive list of course offerings.  These courses are secured through a variety of vendors, including:

    We provide a virtual teacher of record for each course, as well as all administrative oversight. 

    Course vendor selection is based on individual students' needs.  Please contact the Center for Online Learning with particular course requests.

    Pricing for the School Year:

    Cost: $710/semester/enrollment 

    • Original Credit
    • Credit Recovery
    • Advanced Placement
    • SUNY Calculus 3 (plus SUNY Tuition)

    *Prices above include Nassau BOCES Course Content, Facilitator Fees, and Nassau BOCES Fees 

    Pricing does not include the cost of materials.