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Nassau BOCES appoints new head of Adult Education Program

  Laura Holder Gibbs
  Laura Holder-Gibbs, Principal, Nassau BOCES Adult Education Programs
Laura Holder-Gibbs has been named principal of the Nassau BOCES Adult Education Programs. Formerly an assistant principal at the Nassau BOCES Barry Tech High School, Holder-Gibbs brings 25 years of educational experience to the position, having started as a teacher in Brooklyn in 1989.

Her first teaching assignment was working under the supervision of Principal Frank Mickens, at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn. She went on to work as Social Studies teachers in Queens for 15 years. From there, she earned her administrative certification and became the principal of a small school in Brooklyn. Holder-Gibbs moved to the Freeport School District, where she served as curriculum specialist and assistant principal before coming to Nassau BOCES Barry Tech in 2012.

Holder-Gibbs’ educational philosophy is based on an integration of traditional and progressive methodologies. “We as educators have a responsibility to help students become lifelong learners, no matter what their age,” she said. She added that she is grateful for all the support she has received at Nassau BOCES and says she wants “to help the agency fulfill its mission of providing the best instruction to students and the best service to the community.”

“Nassau BOCES is committed to offering comprehensive adult education services, from beginning literacy for English language learners to high school equivalency diplomas to GED candidates,” said Gene Silverman, Executive Director of the Department of Regional Schools and Instructional Programs. “Our programs provide a foundation for post-secondary education and develop career readiness in adults preparing to enter the work force. We’ve aligned our curriculum with the New York State Common Core learning standards and enhanced instruction with state-of-the-art teaching tools.”

As principal of Adult Education, Holder-Gibbs oversees all the job-training and career- development courses for the agency. She works to fulfill the program’s mission of “Training for work today, building a lifelong career on Long Island!” As principal of Adult Education, she collaborates with school districts, community organizations (such as libraries) and other BOCES to provide needed services including adult basic education, high school equivalency programs and courses for English language learners.

“At a time when our nation is focused on job creation and economic recovery, addressing adult education on Long Island is essential,” Holder-Gibbs said. “Nassau BOCES Adult Education programs assist in filling the skills gap that often exists between earning a high school diploma and career readiness.”