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Nassau BOCES reaches out to parents in need of support

transition expo offers counseling  
Nassau BOCES Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Myra Auster answers questions about employment


Transitioning one’s child from high school to college or the workforce is always filled with many options and questions. This issue is even more complex for a student with special needs.

Experts at Nassau BOCES Department of Special Education offered parents answers to these questions with its Transition Expo. More than 200 parents of special needs students attended the expo to meet with representatives from over 50 agencies and programs, and to attend workshops.

“Nassau BOCES is the largest provider of Special Education in the county with almost 50 years of experience. We have developed agreements and relationships with many organizations over the years and our exhibitors state that they come to this seminar because of the access to so many parents,” says Nassau BOCES Psychologist Dr. Linda Lopez.

Vendors are from a variety of services including the Office of Mental Health, local colleges, counseling centers and Nassau BOCES programs. The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) conducted a workshop explaining its vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs as well as how to help eligible individuals with disabilities to obtain employment.

“I am amazed at the turnout Nassau BOCES gets and the details of the event are handled well,” exclaimed Julie Yindra, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at Hofstra University. She presented a workshop on college planning issues and services for students with disabilities.

Parents learned about services that help students prepare for and obtain a job. One parent stated that when they attend any type of parent support event they feel that they know as much or more than the presenters, but that was not the case with this Expo. It offered a lot of new information. Parents also commented that the seminar was comprehensive. There were representatives and speakers not usually at such seminars. Many attendees asked for it to be longer so that they could participate in all workshops.