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Center for Online Learning offers virtual classes to implement state regulations

Schools across New York State are working to implement the changes made to Part 154 of the state regulations on programs for English language learners. Long Island districts now have assistance in navigating these changes, thanks to Nassau BOCES.

The Nassau BOCES Center for Online Learning is inviting educators to join its collaborative support network, “Examining and Implementing the New Part 154 Regulations.” Educators who participate in this collaborative get a four-week virtual course, guiding them in the implementation of the new regulations. The course offers video-based instruction enhanced by downloadable support materials.

The truly unique aspect of the program is a virtual forum, enabling administrators and other educators from all over the island to come together and pool their resources. The forum functions as an online collaborative for educators to share best practices and useful documents, as well as 0to discuss potential obstacles and solutions, and to work together to overcome common challenges.

“We’re building a community to support the implementation of the new regulations,” says Nassau BOCES Program Coordinator Elisa Barilla. “Collaboration is the key component. The forum allows districts to work together, to help each other to avoid stumbling blocks, and to share what works and what doesn’t.”