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North Bellmore students attend Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education Center

students participate in outdoor exercise  


The sixth-grade classes from Newbridge Road Elementary School in North Bellmore UFSD had the chance to participate in teambuilding activities in the great outdoors at the Nassau BOCES Brookville Outdoor and Environment Education Center.

Students learned how to problem solve through a series of group and cooperative activities, while being in a natural setting. These group learning sessions, which covered topics such as trust and cooperation, helped the district meet the goals for addressing the Dignity Act and 21st Century Skills.

“It’s a great trip in a beautiful setting. North Bellmore students have the opportunity to get outdoors and communicate with each other,” said sixth-grade teacher Debbie Ramey. “We come here every year,” she continued.

While communicating as a team and working cooperatively, the students experience the low ropes course that includes group challenges such as ‘land mines,’ a ‘spider web,’ and the ‘whale watch.’ Each of these activities requires the students to trust each other to complete each task. Nassau BOCES trained naturalists lead the students through the courses.

“From adventure education to teambuilding activities, to ecology-based programs, students get a hands-on positive learning experience” said Carolann James, Program Coordinator for Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education.