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Blue Oyster Cult frontman holds master class for students

eric bloom blue oyster cult

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Eric Bloom, frontman for the iconic Long Island-based rock band Blue Öyster Cult, was a special guest at the Nassau BOCES Long Island High School for the Arts where he held a Master Class recently.

“I think this is a great place and a terrific opportunity, musically and artistically, for these kids,” Mr. Bloom said of LIHSA. “It’s very inspiring for them to have a place where they can focus and be with others who have similar interests. They need to follow their passion. I would come back here anytime they want me to come!”

Professor Norm Prusslin, Director of Media Arts Minor and Academy at Stony Brook University and Co-Founder/Board Member, Long Island Music Hall of Fame was on hand to moderate the discussion. In his introduction, Mr. Prusslin said, “Eric is someone who obviously has a lot of experience, and he has a lot to bring to us today.”

Mr. Bloom's distinctive vocals are the personality and power that drives Blue Öyster Cult's harder-hitting songs. He is not only the lead vocalist, he also handles both rhythm guitar and keyboards as needed. Mr. Bloom is also an inductee in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

"It was interesting to learn about various aspects the music business through the experiences of a rock star,” said second-year LISHA student Dylan Hutchins, a drummer. Dylan is a senior in the Locust Valley UFSD.

The Master Class program is part of the school’s ongoing mission to provide its students with inside looks at the industries they are pursuing, and to introduce them to mentors within their chosen field.