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Seaman Neck MS students got lessons on bullying from 'Omegaman'

Presenter poses with students A very energic and strong “Omegaman” dressed in a black and gold superhero costume told Seaman Neck MS students to ‘be a dream-makers, don’t’ be a dream-breaker’. His message to the students was to help them make the right choices today and to challenge them to use the power in themselves.

“I wanted to help to teach the students to value their differences and treat others with respect, “said Principal Christine Nardi as she and Assistant Principal Sandra Arce-Miranda dressed up as superheroes. “This program has students pledging to be a hero: Helping Everyone Respect Others,” she continued.

Students volunteered to be participants in the program as Omegaman used props and examples to teach the students that they always have value and what they think about themselves they will become. “We can’t change the past, but we can change the future by making the right choices,” said Omegaman.