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Video: New Frontier for School Planning: Designing for Resiliency/Safety/Well-being in the Wake of COVID-19

The spotlight is on school design during a free three-part webinar series hosted by Nassau BOCES and the Long Island Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. For the first time the design and educational communities are being brought together for an opportunity to explore emerging design trends in school design resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and examine potential short and long-term strategies to enhance education.

In this video, hear part one of the webinar series titled, "School Planning and Design for Covid-19." It features Christina Coughlin, Ph.D. Assistant Commissioner School Governance Policy and Religious and Independent Schools, New York State Education Department and Jenine Kotob, AIA, School Safety Specialist, Hord Coplan Macht and Co-Chair for the Committee on Architecture for Education with AIA-NOVA.

Sign up for part two of the series, titled "Next Millennium Design: Adapting to Emerging Variables,” scheduled for October 14.