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Congratulations to our Nassau BOCES Scope Education Services Award winners!

 Group of people standing together and some are holding awards they have just received
From left: Nassau BOCES Board trustee Fran N. Langsner, Matt Wittschiebe, Tishura Dalrymple, Nassau BOCES Board trustee Martin R. Kaye, Nassau BOCES Board President Susan Bergtraum and Nassau BOCES Board trustee Robert “B.A” Schoen.

SCOPE honored three people from Nassau BOCES with Education Service Awards. Tishura Dalrymple, Administrator Service Award 2023 (Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Program Manager), Martin R. Kaye, School Board Service Award 2023 (Nassau BOCES Board trustee) and Matt Wittschiebe, Teacher Service Award 2023 (Department of Special Education Technology Coordinator). SCOPE is a not-for-profit educational organization permanently chartered by the New York State Board of Regents to provide services to school districts. Annually, they honor school district administrators, school board members, teachers and support staff for their outstanding service to education.