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Long Island students discover the fun, challenge and excitement of outdoor learning

girl on a rope swing

Merrick UFSD fifth-grader Angela Villaloma swings from one platform to another to help improve her focus and strength at the Nassau BOCES Brookville Outdoor and Environmental Education Center. Groups develop teamwork while relying on communication skills with this activity.

More than 90 fifth-grade students from Birch Elementary school (Merrick UFSD) started the school year with an exceptional, fun-filled experience at the Nassau BOCES Brookville Outdoor and Environmental Education Center.

The students participated in cooperative games, problem-solving tasks and the low ropes course. Nassau BOCES naturalists taught the students lessons about community, responsibility and cooperation while providing for a unique educational opportunity. The youngsters engage in physical activity where they have to step out of their comfort zone while having fun and learning at the same time.

“With adventure education teambuilding activities, to ecology based programs, students get a hands-on positive learning experience” said Carolann James, Program Coordinator for Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education.

The field trip successfully provided students with a chance to become naturalists for the day and think outside the box. The objective of the low challenge course is to help students learn communication skills, responsibility, being a good listener and how to respect others.

The program opens up all sorts of educational opportunities that many of these students may not have learned in a classroom environment. Brookville Outdoor Education offered an adventurous, active and healthy day of personal growth for Birch students.