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Nassau BOCES Regional Scoring Center relieves grading pressure on summer Regents exams

teachers grading tests

Three years ago, Nassau BOCES launched the Regional Scoring Center (RSC) to help local school districts meet the formidable challenge of grading the summer Regents exams. This year, the RSC had 200 graders scoring 6,000 exams from 11 districts.

Districts bring their exams to Nassau BOCES because of the high level of integrity and efficiency in the center’s grading process. Scoring the Regents can be a daunting task and the demands of the state education department are rigorous, requiring a minimum of two to three graders for each exam.

Though the multiple choice sections can be scanned and graded digitally, the exams’ constructed response questions and essays must be read and scored by individual educators, leaving a significant margin for human error in the form of scoring discrepancies. This is where the center’s “master graders” come in. These skilled, experienced professionals work in teams to reduce discrepancies and increase the validity of the resulting test scores.

The Regional Scoring Center takes the burden off of school districts,” said Judith Hynes, Principal of Nassau BOCES Specialized Schools. “The turnaround is much faster than the average and the cost is less than half. Also, there’s no question of the validity of the scores or that the right amount of people are scoring each exam. There is no room for error.