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Public libraries are "ready to read," too

Many families already go to their local libraries for programs like story times, but there's a growing awareness that young children need more in order to be prepared to succeed once they start school--and that some children aren't being included at all. A new initiative, Ready to Read at New York Libraries, will roll out various programs over the next five years. Each library system has a cohort who will be trained in core strategies. First up: how to assess community and families' needs, establish community partnerships, and teach child-care providers and families pre-reading strategies. (Note the emphasis on families, not just children.) "We've had a great start with the initiative. Training has begun and I will be adding more in each year of the project." says the Nassau Library System's Manager of Youth Services, Renee McGrath, "We're excited to be part of the project." (The Suffolk Library System is also participating.) Check out these newly created online resources:

The Ready to Read at New York Libraries website features an impressive list of resources drawn from programs all over the U.S.

The Ready to Read at New York Libraries Facebook page offers current resources and news about early learning.

The DayByDayNY website offers a calendar of activities for parents and young children.