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New leadership role filled by former CCA Principal

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Dr. Christopher Korolczuk has been promoted to Assistant Director of Nassau BOCES Department of Regional Schools and Instructional Programs (RSIP). He brings nearly 25 years of educational experience to the position, including more than 15 years as Principal of the agency’s Center for Community Adjustment (CCA). He is a revered leader in the field of alternative education, having served in the most diverse and demanding learning environments.

Dr. Korolczuk’s first order of business as Assistant Director is to learn all he can about RSIP. He intends to explore each unique program, educate himself on ways to build and strengthen the agency’s relationships with local industry partners, and determine how he can best meet the needs of all students in his charge.  

“Seventeen years as Principal of a complex high school has prepared me for the vital task of continuing the evolution of our regional schools,” said Dr. Korolczuk. “I have been, and continue to be, surrounded by so many caring and compassionate people here at Nassau BOCES. Together, we will prepare our students for college, careers, and to be contributing members of their communities, which is a critical component of the agency’s mission.” 

 Dr. Korolczuk began his educational journey in the most challenging classrooms imaginable, as a special education teacher at the Ranch San Antonio Juvenile Detention Facility in Los Angeles, CA, then as a health teacher at Riker’s Island Jail. These respective experiences laid the foundation for a career devoted to teaching students with unique needs, who require support beyond the traditional school setting.

From the correctional system, Dr. Korolczuk moved to the New York City school system, before joining the administrative team at the Nassau BOCES Center for Community Adjustment. Soon after his appointment as CCA Assistant Principal, Dr. Korolczuk took the helm as Principal and began the task of transforming the school into the thriving learning community it is today. 

In addition to improving the academic curriculum and implementing a schoolwide behavior plan, Dr. Korolczuk worked to improve morale and to create a sense of community within the center. To that end, he launched a monthly awards ceremony, recognizing students who are meeting overall expectations while achieving their own personal goals. He also prioritized family events to promote parental involvement.  

Dr. Korolczuk helped to develop collaborative relationships between CCA and local colleges. Through a partnership with Farmingdale State College, the school’s students have the opportunity to take university-level courses, learning about the expectations of a college curriculum while in the supportive and therapeutic environment of CCA. A similar partnership with Nassau Community College (NCC) empowers students to attend courses at NCC, giving them a firsthand, real-life experience of college life. 

 Dr. Korolczuk raised the bar on professional accountability at the center while simultaneously improving staff morale. During his tenure, CCA enjoyed the highest graduation rates in its history, with students earning both Regents and Advanced Regents diplomas. He also developed and fostered connections between graduates with countless adult service agencies to support their transition to adulthood. 

 Dr. Korolczuk served for five years as President of the Nassau BOCES Educational Administrators Association, where he represented more than 80 school administrators, collaborating closely with them to improve working conditions and meet educational goals. He was selected by the School Administrators Association of New York State and the Board of Regents to meet with the Commissioner of the State Education Department to discuss the importance of educational reform. In 2020, he received the Nassau BOCES Education Partner award.  

Dr. Korolczuk has a doctorate in educational leadership from St. John’s University. He holds a master’s degree in school administration from The College of Saint Rose, and a master’s in special education from California State University. He has earned certification as a teacher of special education from New York City, New York State and California State, and he is a New York State certified school administrator and supervisor.