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Nassau BOCES employee donates kidney to stranger

Group of happy people smiling
Mindy Davidson, front left, pictured with her daughter, front right, and the recipient of her donated kidney, top left, and members of his family.

After watching a video presentation about a former colleague’s relative who needed a kidney, Mindy Davidson began researching becoming a kidney donor. Mindy felt compelled to help, but not wanting to put added stress on her family during her daughter's final years of college, Mindy waited to start the process of becoming a donor.

In October of 2022, she began the screening process for becoming a kidney donor for a stranger, and after tests and evaluations she was okayed. Eventually, doctors found someone who would receive Mindy’s donated kidney.

Many people should remember Mindy for being the Event Director of the Marcum Workplace Challenge – Long Island’s largest office picnic and charity fundraiser. Her generous gift of life to the recipient has not slowed her down. She is back to running and hoping to do her first post-donation triathlon soon.

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Posted 8/30/2023